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I read an interesting article today about what it takes to be a success.  Not power, not intelligence, not money but GRIT!  In order to get what you want, you have to be willing to work for it. 
It made me think about the word grit and what it means.  Sure we all know the basic definition of grit but beyond Webster's what does grit really mean?  Perserving, working hard, holding on and making it until you get the reward you seek.  To me grit means...

Gallant effort

I am a gritty person when push comes to shove but in general I tend to be lazy.  No more!  No more excues, no more procrastinating, no more lying to myself (trying to justify the laziness) NO MORE!  Gonna use that GRIT to get me through.  In time, I know I will get my reward from God!

Striving on,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!  Getting closer to the top of that hill buddy.
This morning I was running a little late for work.  I should add that though my workday begins at 8:00 AM, I like to be there by 7:45 so when I say a little late, I mean to say I knew I would not be there by 7:45 like normal.  I race into the parking garage seeing the shuttle bus near the pick-up point.  I thought I would have just enough time to park and race to the shuttle.  Not only was the shuttle just around the corner but the driver was one of my favorites that will drop us at the door instead of down the block.  So I race in to discover he left already but another shuttle was already there.  Driving this shuttle was a woman that was notorious for speeding, not stopping when she should and essentially whizzing through the route.  But there she sat on the bus casually reading the paper.  I enter the bus, say good morning and prepare for the quick ride into work.  Oh no, she continued to nonchalantly read her paper!  Normally this would REALLY irk me!  I tend to be impatient at times.  But as I felt myself getting riled I thought, OK so if I walk in at 8:00 or 8:05 that doesn't matter, I knew I was taking that risk when I took longer than normal to get ready and leave this morning.  Also, I cannot make her go any faster so stressing about it was really a waste of time and energy.  So I took a deep breath, put my bags on the seat next to me and just decided to enjoy the ride.
I realized then that God was using that ride as a metaphor for my life.  I do feel God has something WONDERFUL in store for me and as a human I want it now!  But He has often told me I have to endure the process...like I had to endure the bus ride.  I am EXACTLY where I need to be right now, taking a slow but steady journey to someplace MAGNIFICENT!  I cannot hurry the process so the only thing I can do now is relax and enjoy the ride.
So that, my dear loyal readers, is EXACTLY what I am doing now.  The scenery looks great, I know my Life Driver is in complete control and I will get to my destination exactly when I should.
(For the record, the bus driver drove as slow as she possibly could and I arrived at my building at precisely 8:00 AM)  Isn't God WONDERFUL?

As stated in my earlier post, on 9/11 I kicked my husband out and started a new chapter in my life.  I was pondering the significance of that day since 9/11 is now Patriot Day in the US.
Webster defines patriot as one who loves his/her country and supports its authority and interests.  How fitting that on that day when we honor those that love and support our country and its interests, I decided to love and support E and her interests!  Coincidence that God threw the brick at my head to get me to FINALLY act on that day?  I THINK NOT!

Thought of the day:
Love, honor and respect the authority and interest of you for if you do not respect you, no one else will.
Most of my posts are not very personal.  This one will be different.  This post is about following God's Lead to find TREMENDOUS PEACE! 
For many moons now God has been telling me to take a huge leap of faith...as strange as it may sound He has actually told me it was time to leave my husband.  It is a long, very sordid story but suffice it to say after many years of trying all I could I had to admit that my husband of 18+ years just was not that into me and I deserve more. 
So on 9/11 I jumped off the cliff and kicked my husband out.  Since then I have felt nothing but tremendous peace!  Admittedly I was very angry that day (God had to really throw a brick at my head to get me to jump and OUCH it hurt!) but once I packed all his stuff and cried a few tears of pure anger, I released it to God and have felt just fine since. 
I've already hired an attorney, the forms have been filed and the pre-trial date has been set so this is definitely happening.  Try as I might to feel some sorrow, to mourn for the loss of this relationship, God simply will not let me shed any tears or suffer anymore pain at the hands of this man...and IT FEELS GREAT!  A huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders.  I do not know for sure what God has in store for me but I am COMPLETELY confident that it is something so wonderful and perfect it will blow my mind.

***I need to go on record and say I do not harbor ANY hatred or resentment towards my ex.  He is after all the father of my three marvelous children.  I think he is a wonderful friend, son, brother and coach.  I can now fondly look back at our long relationship and appreciate the lessons I needed to learn from that journey and for that wisdom/strength/knowledge/fortitude I gained by being married to him, I am eternally grateful.***

Quote of the day:
There is no greater joy in life than knowing you are walking a righteous walk with God!
E.L. Williams