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E.L. Williams-official site
I read an interesting article today about what it takes to be a success.  Not power, not intelligence, not money but GRIT!  In order to get what you want, you have to be willing to work for it. 
It made me think about the word grit and what it means.  Sure we all know the basic definition of grit but beyond Webster's what does grit really mean?  Perserving, working hard, holding on and making it until you get the reward you seek.  To me grit means...

Gallant effort

I am a gritty person when push comes to shove but in general I tend to be lazy.  No more!  No more excues, no more procrastinating, no more lying to myself (trying to justify the laziness) NO MORE!  Gonna use that GRIT to get me through.  In time, I know I will get my reward from God!

Striving on,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!  Getting closer to the top of that hill buddy.

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