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Cinda's Chapter
Excerpt from Oh God, Did I Just Say That?

How did Cinda end up here?  She was an honor student with a promising future ahead of her.  She should be a teacher or principal at this point of her life but instead here she was hanging out with the dregs of society.  She sighed deeply.  Did she really need to attend these stupid meetings because she liked a little nip now and then?  This was a ridiculous waste of time and time was one thing she had little of.

She wouldn’t even like to drink if her father who wasn’t a raging alcoholic.  Surely her desire to drink or need to drink each day stemmed from her father’s addiction.  But at least she wasn’t a violent drunk or even a drunk like he was.  She just liked to have a little nip here or there to take the edge off.  It really wasn’t that bad.

Granted if not for the alcohol, she would never have cheated on Q and she would be blissfully married to the most wonderful man on this Earth.  Even though she realized how wonderful he was then, she really appreciated how marvelous he was now.  Now that she had lost him.  She shook her head slightly; no she hadn’t lost him yet.  There was still some hope. 

 ...more to come at a later time.  STAY TUNED!