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I try to be honest at all times.  Not rude, I can be polite about my honesty but you know if E tells you something she is speaking the truth.  Recently I had an encounter with someone who is more of an acquaintance then a friend but someone I like.  This person was making rude comments about my ex that were uncalled for and simply not true.  Perhaps I should have ignored it, after all he is my ex, but he is also not one to defend himself so I REALLY wanted to confront this person.  Cooler heads prevailed and my ex told me to let it go.  However rumors travel like wildfire so it got to the point where something had to be said.

This person asked to speak to my ex to clear the air and he asked me to come with him for moral support.  SILENT moral support.  So I went, they talked, it was a good talk though there were things that I would have said that he didn't.  The next day this person thanks me for coming by and even made a point to say how much they appreciated my honesty.  Well, I took that as an opening to really be honest about what I thought.  Again, I was very polite, I was not rude in anyway but I just told them like it was.

I felt SO MUCH BETTER and the person told me how much they REALLY appreciated and respected my honesty.  So that made me feel better too.  But what really made my day was seeing the outward change in this person.  Perhaps no one had ever told this person about how their mannerisms distanced them from the group because it was like night and day.  Instead of being closed off and borderline snobbish, this person smiled and greeted people.  This person went out of their way to be one of the group instead of an outsider. 

So today I talked to another member of the group that commented on how much better the attitude was.  This new person was impressed and thrilled that things had gotten better without even knowing that I had said something.

So because I was honest, one person no longer feels like an outsider and the rest of the group gladly welcomes the smiles, jokes and camaraderie.

Thought of the day:
Honesty may sting for a second but truly it is better to suffer a moment of uncomfortableness than a lifetime of misery.

Striving forward,

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