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My daugther turned 18 on Sunday.  I am the mother of an adult daughter.  It still has not sunk in.  An adult child.  I have an adult child.  How am I possibly old enough to have an adult child, first of all.  And how could she already be 18 when I swear just yesterday she was starting school?  Time flies by so quickly it is utterly amazing!  I mean absolutely AMAZING.
As shocking as it is that she is 18, I am proud to say she seems to be a very well put together child.  She has earned a full academic ride to the state university.  She is (or will be) a four year varsity letter winner in two sports.  She volunteers, she mentors, she works TWO jobs and she somehow manages to balance it all.  I'm not sure how she does all she does and does it so well but I thank God everyday for blessing me with such a wonderful child!!

Thought of the day:
Appreciate and enjoy each moment you have for soon those moments will be few and far between.

Striving on,

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