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Over two years ago when my ex and I first started talking divorce, through the encouragement of my therapist, I wrote of list of things I wanted to accomplish.  Things that I had always wanted but placed on the back burner for one reason or another.  Here is that list:
1.)  Rediscover E
2.)  Redecorate my house
3.)  Finish my novel
4.)  Voice-overs
5.)  Travel

I wrote this list and stuck it in a corner in my desk.  The other day, while fall cleaning, I discovered this list and was amazed!  Since writing and stashing this list the following things have occurred:
1.)  Therapy has gotten me to see who E really is and what she really wants.
2.)  I have re-painted my entire upstairs and have new fixtures/frames/pictures to hang according to my taste and not my ex's.
3.)  Obviously the book is done or otherwise you would not be reading this blog.
4.)  Today I was just asked to do a voice-over for a commercial!!!
5.)  Some friends and I are making plans to visit Italy for my 40th birthday!!!

All I did was write the list and set it aside but just by putting my thoughts down on papers, the dreams began to take shape and become reality.  Like The Bible says in Matt 7:7, ask and it shall be given you.  I asked and am now getting.

Thought for the day:
What is on your list?  For what are you prepared to ask?  Be clear and be sure for sometimes we get exactly what we want.

Striving forward,

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