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I went to orientation with my daughter this week.  All year I have been as solid as a rock.  Not really cracking during the entire senior year.  Too happy to be sad at graduation even but before we left for orientation, the dam broke!  And it all started with going through pictures for her senior scrapbook.  I started looking at pics and could not believe it was time to watch her soar when I swear her egg just hatched!  The tears hit me at work one day so much so that I had to go home and sob for 30 minutes before I could head to the softball game.  Part of me didn't want to go to the game but I knew I couldn't/wouldn't miss.  After the good cry fest and a phone call to my bestie that keeps me grounded, I pulled myself together and went to the game.

Orientation went well.  She has an AWESOME room assignment that includes a private bath so she was happy about that...though I don't think she realizes she will actually have to clean the bathroom because unlike now it will not magically be clean when she gets home.  She even has a nice class schedule that will allow her to sleep in most days since she is NOT a morning person.  I was fine because I saw her continue to make wise choices so that helped me relax.  I even had a few people mistake me for an incoming college freshman so evidently I still look very young!  YEAH RIGHT!  Perhaps I don't look my age but I certainly look older than 18!

I returned home to face the dreaded senior scrapbook.  Whose idea was this thing anyway?  LOL!  It is a great idea but going through the pages, looking at the past, makes one very, very, VERY sad!  I felt like Lot's wife because I turned into a pillar of salty tears all because I looked back.  I've decided my focus needs to be more on where I am going and where she is headed than from where we have come.  Yes I will ALWAYS cherish those memories but I will not dwell on them when I know even greater times lie ahead.

Thought of the day:
Appreciate your past for what it made you become, enjoy today for the gift that it is and keep your eye on the future for the excitement, joy and peace it will bring!

Striving forward,

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