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For whatever reason I have been unable to sleep for the last week.  I fall asleep but only doze for a few minutes, sometimes an hour, and then wake!  Then it takes me hours to return to sleep.  I cannot even begin to describe to you how tired I was from lack of sleep!!!
Last night, after work, I went almost immediately to bed.  I tossed, turned and cried because I was STILL unable to sleep.  Around 7:30 I took two Tylenol PM pills and prayed that this would work.  Finally, FINALLY, around 9:00 I fell fast asleep.  I opened my eyes at 1:44 AM (nearly 5 consecutive hours so that was GREAT) but instead of getting up to turn off the lights and TV I could see/hear in the living room, I closed my eyes and prayed again, let me ignore that so I can go back to sleep.
Thankfully sleep returned quickly and I woke at 5 AM feeling WONDERFUL!  One doesn't really appreciate the value of a good night's sleep until it goes missing for several days.  I pray tonight I am able to find that sleep again.

Striving on,

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