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As you all know my daughter is a softball player.  This year her high school team got a new uniform that is MOSTLY WHITE!  Just enough maroon on the uniform so one cannot bleach them to clean them.  I was not thrilled when I heard the new uniforms were going to be white but I must admit they look AWESOME!  That is until you play two games on a rain soaked softball field.  Especially when your daughter is an outfielder who has to dive & slide for balls. 
Friday evening as we headed home with mud caked pants all I could think is these pants will NEVER be clean!  Seriously her knees looked black there was so much mud on them.  How on earth could I get these pants white again?  Too tired to address the problem that night, I just let the uniform sit. 
Saturday came and went and I neglected to even look at the uniform.  Sunday I return home from church with cleaning on my mind.  When I entered my daughter's room I see the uniform OH NO!  How had I forgotten about the mud stained uniform?  How had I let it sit for two days?  Now the stains REALLY won't come out!  Sighing deeply, I put the uniform in the tub to soak. 
A friend had given me a bar of laundry soap called Fels Naptha.  She said it would work to take out the stains.  At that time I thought it might work for normal stains but mud soaked pants that sat for two days?  I wasn't hopeful as I took out the bar of soap thinking  at least I could try. 
I scrubbed and I scrubbed.  I rinsed and I rinsed.  And I decided the muddy knees would just be stained knees.  I put the uniform in the washer on a short cold cycle so I could get an idea of how much of the stain was removed.  I took the pants out and it looked better but still stained. 
Hmm, that soap did better than I thought it would so  again soaked the pants in the tub to get them wet and then scrubbed and scrubbed.  Much to my amazement my scrubbing was working!!  The stains started to fade and then disappeared.  I put the pants back in the washer for a rinse and spin cycle.  Again, to see how much of the stain remained.  I pulled the pants out and all the stains were nearly gone.  I could have stopped there but I thought oh no I can get these things spotless. 
One more soaking, one more round of scrubbing and one more rinse/spin cycle.  I take the pants out and TA-DA--SPOTLESS!  I was so relieved.  Somehow I had gotten them cleaned.  I sent my daughter a text (she was with her dad) and said we need to stock up on Fels Naptha.  She asked if the pants were clean and I said practically spotless.  Nice :-) was her reply.  I said I believe you meant to say WOW or I love you!  So she said WOW! Nice, I love you...ha, ha, they all work!  By this time it was late, I was exhausted and ready for bed feeling likeI had accomplished much. 
Then it hit me, Fels Naptha is much like what Jesus does.  We come to him caked in mud, in shame, in guilt, in sin thinking there is NO WAY we could ever be clean again.  But The Lord applies a little Jesus to us, scrubs us with the word, rinses away the worldly and lo and behold before we even know it we are spotless again!  There's no sin, no guilt, no stain, no mud The Lord cannot remove when we fully give ourselves to Him and let Him scrub/rinse us clean! 
So if you find yourself with a pair of very muddy pants that need cleaning try Fels Naptha.  And when you find yourself with a muddy mess of a life, TRY JESUS!  His power is far greater than any laundry soap!  I HIGHLY recommend both!

Thought of the day:
There's no pain too great nor obstacle too big for my Jesus!

Striving forward,

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