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Bring on da noise

6/17/2010 12:58:01


This week I have had a very hard time focusing at work.  So much so that I seriously considered being tested for Adult ADD.  Today it FINALLY hit me what the problem is...it is FAR TOO QUIET in my office!  My floor is like a ghost town.  It is sparsely populated and those that are here are very quiet.  I am a person that must have a lot of noise going on in the background in order for me to focus.  I write at my best when I am listening to music in one ear, listening to my kids with the other, watching TV while conversing with the kids!  I have always been like that.  Someone that needs a lot of noise in order to focus.  So now as I am faced with eight weeks of silence.  Any suggestions on how I can bring on da noise?

Thought of the day:
It is better to...what should I have for dinner tonight since the kids are with their dad... I wonder if they got him anything for Father's Day...what did I get for Mother's Day...is that buzzing I hear just in my head...when do I have time to get a manicure....I need to start packing for my trip...God Bless you to the person that just sneezed...did someone just open a bag of licorice...I need to stop at the store and grab some for the game tonight...oh yeah dinner will be at the ball field so I guess pizza or nachos it is...what was I doing again?  Oh yeah thought of the day...too many random thoughts to narrow them down to a few words of wisdom.  :-)  BRING BACK THE NOISE!

Striving forward,

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